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Why wellbeing and mental health in the workplace are a big concern for 2018

by Karen Pearson

Why wellbeing and mental health in the workplace are a big concern for 2018

According to a survey conducted by the CIPD and sent to 500 HR professionals at the end of last year, 33% saw that wellbeing and mental health were going to be their biggest worry in 2018.

As the CIPD findings stated: “Every employee should feel that they can bring their whole self to work and that the workplace is a safe and supportive environment.”

Creating a workplace that results in a positive experience for employees brings a wide range of benefits both to the employee and the organisation such as:

  • Increased productivity through engaged, present and happy workers
  • Less conflict and employee relations issues
  • Good retention levels which reduce recruitment costs
  • More collaboration leading to more innovation

Key to achieving all of the above is with effective management of people.  Managers have such a vital role to play in creating a positive workplace and need to feel confident and competent in leading and managing their teams in a way that supports the mental health and wellbeing of their staff.

Questions to consider

Unfortunately, this is not the case in some organisations. If you find as an organisation you are experiencing a rise in wellbeing and mental health issues, or have teams that lack productivity or have high absence rates, then it may be worth considering these three steps:

  • Review the skills and capabilities of your managers – when was the last time training was delivered around the core areas of managing people? Are your managers confident and competent?
  • Is there is a particular theme with the issues that are arising – is it one particular team or a wider organisational issue?  Are there particular services or tasks that are resulting in higher levels of wellbeing issues being experienced?
  • Do you know what areas/teams are doing well within the organisation and why?

As an organisation it makes good business sense that your managers are competent and skilled in managing people to ensure a good positive workplace is thriving.  After all, people are your biggest investment.