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Create a coaching culture and you can boost productivity in the workplace

by Karen Pearson News

Create a coaching culture and you can boost productivity in the workplace

Raising productivity and performance still remains one of the biggest challenges facing UK workplaces today – and it isn’t going away anytime soon!

Training needs to be funded and often doesn’t have the impact you want back at work but there is a different approach that is also more cost-effective. Creating a culture of learning at work is becoming more ingrained in businesses that are open-minded.

I have talked a lot about the importance of a collaborative workplace and the benefits this has on the overall productivity and performance of the organisation.

Job satisfaction, staff retention and less conflict are just three of the ways your business can benefit and this does translate into overall profitability. 

One key aspect of building collaboration is around how people can and are learning within the workplace.

Creating the right culture of learning is a challenge in itself and it comes at a time where the landscape that surrounds some organisations is one of austerity measures and cutting costs.

So how can an organisation create a culture of learning that results in more collaboration and, at the same time, manage the financial and budget constraints?

Something to consider is the rise of coaching and mentoring within the workplace. Coaching and mentoring is now recognised as one of the most effective and sustainable development initiatives for today’s organisations and workplaces

It can support a wide-ranging number of learning requirements. Whether that’s:

  • a new manager in their first role

  • supporting a specific change within the workplace

  • the growing trend of developing future female leaders

And it doesn’t have to be about implementing a robust coaching or mentoring framework. Organisations can make a start with equipping and upskilling managers, leaders and employees with the skills to have great conversations on a daily basis at work through the adoption of a coaching style.

By having these conversations, learning takes place in a more organic way, which in turn creates empowerment, self-responsibility and innovation within the organisation.

We are increasingly working with growing organisations looking to create that coaching culture right from the outset. Growing businesses and organisations see the business sense in creating a learning culture where employees learn in the moment, rather than spending lots of money on training that for whatever reason the learning fails to transfer back into the workplace.

Managers are expected to coach and mentor their teams and the accepted norm in some forward-thinking organisations is that every employee can be a coach. This approach takes a less hierarchical view of work and generally gains much more buy-in from employees.

Research is continually identifying the benefits that a coaching and mentoring culture brings within the workplace, so it may be something worth thinking about to address your existing and future talent development.

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