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How comfortable are you talking to your employees about stress?

by Karen Pearson

How comfortable are you talking to your employees about stress?

According to recent YouGov research, less than a sixth (14 percent) of workers feel comfortable speaking to their manager about their stress levels.

Wellbeing and mental health in the workplace remains one of the biggest concerns in 2018 for organisations, and with more research coming out like this we can start to see why.

So how can we create a working environment that supports employee wellbeing?

One key impact on employee wellbeing is how managers manage and communicate with their staff.  The management style has a really big influence on how healthy the workplace is.

YouGov research confirmed the negative impact the lack of manager training is having on mental health.

Coping with stress in the workplace really needs to start with an employee being able to have a quality conversation with their manager.

However, for managers to feel comfortable to do this, they need to be trained and have guidance on engaging with their team on mental wellbeing.

Research undertaken by the CIPD stated that “organisations with managers who are able to effectively promote good mental health are less likely to have seen an increase in reported common mental health conditions, which shows how crucial that capability is”.

Statistics continue to suggest that stress within UK workplaces is on the increase, at the same time productivity levels are decreasing.

Therefore, it would seem sensible to make sure managers are upskilled in mental health awareness and wellbeing, in order to create an environment that is healthy and productive.