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The Benefits of Working Collaboratively

by Karen Pearson News

The Benefits of Working Collaboratively

Well where do we start on what the benefits are of working collaboratively?

Perhaps we start with how collaboration raises productivity levels, increases trust, engagement and supports the creation of change ready teams.

Or perhaps we discuss some of the research coming through from the Work.Com Study that found that 97 percent of employees and executives agreed that the level of collaboration directly impacts, in a positive way, on the outcome of a task or project.

When a team is collaborating, they are openly communicating and sharing information which results in more solutions and positive outcomes being created.

The study also identified several other benefits to working collaboratively:

  • It creates greater flexibility – How technology has advanced and evolved over the past few years is enabling employees to work more flexibly than before.  Research is already showing how this improves flexibility and can lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness

  • Engages remote workers – With that flexibility comes an increase in remote workers who are endanger of feeling cut off from their colleagues.  However, by creating a higher level of collaboration, organisations are ensuring that all employees, whether they work remotely or not, benefit from effective communication and engagement

  • Positive impact on new employees – Collaboration creates a natural mentor – mentee relationship between new and existing employees which results in stronger engagement at those early stages of the employee life cycle

Many benefits can come from creating collaborative workplaces, so it makes you wonder why working collaboratively isn’t a norm within workplaces.

Which leads us very nicely on to asking how do we create and build collaborative workplaces?

Watch this space for my next blog which will cover some key areas that may help.


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