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Meditation for Beginners' Online Course

by Karen Pearson Event

Meditation for Beginners' Online Course

Are you looking at ways to feel more calmer, happier, energised or improve your overall wellbeing?

Why not try a beginner’s course in meditation ?

Our 4-week course teaches a range of meditation techniques that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

Suitable for people who are new to meditation and want to find out more. These workshops are aimed at being accessible for all.

£40.00 for a 4-week course. Booking is essential as we have a max number per course.

Next Course Dates for online sessions via zoom

October Course - Thursday 1st October 2020 10.00am till 11.15am - 4 weeks (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd).

What to expect

All sessions will be approx. 1hr 15mins long.

Typical outline of what will be covered: -

Week One – Introduction to meditation, benefits to meditation, setting up your own meditation space and understanding the correct posture
Week Two – Breath & Mantra meditation
Week Three – Mindfulness meditation
Week Four – Meditating in a busy world & creating your own regular practice

The sessions themselves are very informal with a mixture of teaching about meditation, discussion, and guided meditations. Meditations themselves will last no longer than 10 mins at any one time.

Useful things to know

You will be provided with an electronic workbook, but it will be useful for you to bring a pen to the session.

Wear layers and comfortable clothing as body temperatures can drop slightly when meditating.

Ensure you are in a comfortable place – either sitting on a chair, bolster or yoga mat.

If you need to move around often due to physical challenges e.g. back problems, that is not a problem. The session is set up so there is opportunity to move about in between teaching/guided meditations.

It would be great if you can log into the session 5 mins prior to the start time so we are then ready and settled to commence the class on time.


If you would like to attend a course you will need to do two things to register:

1: So we can best serve your needs please click here to complete a pre course questionnaire
All the information on this questionnaire will be treated in the strictest confidence as per GDPR regulations.

2: Pay for the course by clicking here
If you do not have a PayPal account, then please let us know by emailing and we can arrange an alternative payment method.

Once the above are completed you will be sent a confirmation email that will include your workbook and the link to the sessions. All sessions will be recorded, and a link will be sent to you after the session.

We look forward to meeting and meditating with you.