Pearson Change - Creating Collaborative Workplaces

"Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better"Firefly

My Story

When I set up my business, I had a very clear vision. I wanted to bring all my learning and experience to Pearson and to go on learning. To share knowledge and to collaborate with other HR change management specialists. 

This is my vision 

“Pearson will be known as a thought leader in the world of creating collaborative workplaces that result in a good day at work both from an organisation and employee perspective.”

This is my Story

Most of my career so far has been within a corporate environment as an HR & Development practitioner. I spent nearly 17 years working in financial services – and that means living through a lot of change.

After gaining a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, I worked with the CEO of a company to grow it into a group of businesses where merger and acquisition were the norm.

It was here that I became really passionate about how effective change and working collaboratively impacts on both people and business. So, I started to work in organisational design and restructuring – running change management programmes and advocating a collaborative working approach in all that we did.   

I love gaining an understanding of businesses and have a strong belief in how the ethos and principles of HR, Leadership and Development can positively impact and support the strategy of business.

When I first started managing a team, my aim was to bring people and process together because it made business sense to me.