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HR Professionals Overwhelmed by Stress

by Karen Pearson News

HR Professionals Overwhelmed by Stress

Following on from Mental Health Awareness week, recent poll findings run by People Management [] found that 37 percent of the 641 HR & L&D Professionals felt stressed or overwhelmed because of work at least four times a month.

We are increasingly aware of the impact changing environments are having on employees, but as a HR professional who is involved in the implementation of these change programmes, these findings are showing the growing need to not only support employees who are directly impacted but ensure wellbeing and stress management support is in place for those who are involved with implementing the changes.

I know from my own experiences of working in change management the impact this can have on stress levels, and to ensure that your personal resilience is there and maintained is vitally important to the overall outcome of a change programme.

HR professionals need to ensure their resilience is there in order to have the right mindset to support employees who are personally impacted by the changes, so they can move through the change curve in the most effective way for that person and the organisation.

Some key tips that have personally worked for me have been: -

  • Its good to talk – ensure you share your concerns within your team.  A trusted environment where you can talk and share really helps to gain perspective


  • Build your own stress management and resilience tool kit at times of change.  Example of techniques: -

    • Regular exercise

    • Get enough sleep

    • Eat the right foods that support energy

    • Meditate/Yoga/Relaxation techniques

    • Ensure you maintain hobbies that you enjoy


  • Access training on stress management and resilience


  • Seek a mentor or coach to help build your own resilience to change


The key message here is to recognise as a HR professional that you are going to be affected and to ensure you get the support you need so that you can help others through the changes and continue being that key point of support for employees.

As Peter Cheese quoted recently on this subject “this is such an important issue in the wider workforce today, but we must also make sure we look after ourselves – we can’t be the Cobbler’s Children”.